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 The Georgetown Historical Society
Georgetown, Maine 04548


The Georgetown Historical Society
Georgetown, Maine 04548

Approved as amended by the GHS membership, June 24, 2018
Amended April 19, 2018

Article I - Name:
The name of this organization shall be "The Georgetown Historical Society."

Article II - Purpose:
To explore, preserve and celebrate the history and cultural landscape of the town of
Georgetown, by presenting community and educational programs, encouraging
architectural preservation, operating a museum and library, and producing publications.

Article III - Membership:
Any person may become a member upon payment of dues as set by the Board. There will
be several categories of membership with differing levels of dues payments, as
established by the Board. All members, regardless of category, shall have an equal vote
on any matter brought before the membership.

Article IV – Governance:

Section 1. Board
TheBoard of the Society will determine broad policy, will provide direction and will decide
upon major issues of operations, finance, and planning referred to it by the President. The
Board will establish standing committees as needed for the governance of the society. The
Board, supported by the Vice President for Development, will particularly take the lead role
in long-range planning for the Society and in raising the capital funds needed for
endowment or other purposes.

The Board will ensure that descriptions of functions and responsibilities will be written for
all positions in the GHS organizational structure.

The initial (2003) eleven-member Board will consist of three members elected as officers
for two year terms, one immediate past president, three members at large elected for one-
year terms, and four members-at-large elected for two-year terms. Thereafter there will be
elections each year to fill open positions for Officers and Directors to serve two-year terms.
The Board will consist of four Officers and at leastseven but not more thaneleven
Directors. No Officer or Director shall receive a salary from the Society
Section 2. Terms of Office
The Society membership elects Officers and Directors who serve two-year terms and maybe re-elected for consecutive second, third and fourth two-year terms but not for a
consecutive fifth term in the positions to which they have been elected. All Officers and
Directors must be members of GHS. They may also serve as members or chairs of GHS
committees but there is no requirement that they do so.

Section 3. Officers
The Officers of this Society shall be the President, Vice President for Operations, Vice
President for Development, and Treasurer, elected by the membership to serve two-year
terms, which shall be concurrent.

ThePresident is the chief executive of the Society, chairs Board meetings and other
meetings of the Society, and presides at all meetings of the membership. The President
determines the terms of, and appoints the chairs of the standing committees, appoints paid
staff and appoints members of committees in consultation with the committee chairs. The
President may also establish, with approval of the Board, and appoint the chairs of ad hoc
committees for special purposes. The President has the authority to make appointments to
fill vacant offices of the Society, when necessary. The President receives reports from
officers and committee chairs, makes operational decisions under guidelines of the
Society's bylaws and policy, and approves expenditures within the constraints of budgets
approved by the Board as defined by the bylaws of the Society. The President shall
appoint any member of the Society who is not an officer or member of the Board to serve a
two-year term as auditor of the Society's books. This member shall report thereon to the
Annual Meeting. The President may appoint a Deputy Shelter Director to manage GHS
Shelter activities.

TheVice President for Operations acts as President in the absence of the President,
and assists and consults with the President in management of Society affairs. The Vice
President for Operations is responsible for the planning and oversight of all operational
activities required for the performance of the Society’s mission of exploring, preserving and
celebrating the history and cultural landscape of the town of Georgetown including
maintenance of the Society's buildings and grounds, supported as needed by staff and
committees. The Vice President for Operations is the point of contact to the Georgetown
Emergency Management Director for use of the Georgetown Historical Society Building as
a Town Shelter, and will assure compliance with Georgetown Emergency Operations Plan
(GEOP) policies and procedures.

TheVice President for Development is responsible for long range planning for the
Society and for fund raising, with a particular emphasis on the raising of capital funds for
the endowment and other purposes. The Vice President for Development also plans and
administers, with the assistance of the various standing committees, an annual GHS

TheTreasurer, supported by aFinance Committee, maintains the financial accounts of
the Society, oversees the preparation of financial reports, assists the auditor as needed,
manages the investment of the Society's funds, and prepares (with all committee chairs)
the annual budget of the Society for approval by the President and the Board. The
treasurer also oversees and assists the work of the Bookkeeper who deposits all received
monies, and pays the obligations of the Society. The Treasurer serves as a member of the
Finance Committee.

Section 4. Staff
The President may, with Board approval, appoint and payEmployed Staff who need not
be members of the Society.

Sections 4. Committees
There will beStanding andAd Hoc Committees. The Officers and the Chairs of the
Standing Committees will constitute anOperations Committee which will meet as
necessary to conduct the activities of the society. TheNominating Committee will be
appointed as needed, by the President, to select candidates for election as Directors and
as Officers. The slate of candidates will be proposed to the membership by written notice
at least ten days before the Annual Meeting and will be voted upon at the Annual Meeting.
Nominations from the floor may be made by members at the Annual Meeting. The elected
candidates will take office after the conclusion of that meeting. By instructions to be given
to the initial Nominating Committee, all members of the present (2016) GHS Board who
wish to serve on the new Board will be nominated for election to the new Board in June,

Article V - Meetings:
The Board will hold four regular meetings a year, in September, November, March, and
May. The Board may schedule additional meetings at its discretion. The President will
function as Chair at Board Meetings. A quorum for action at Board meetings shall consist
of a majority of the combined Officers and Directors. The Board shall have authority to
make appointments to fill Board vacancies. The President may request a decision from the
Board by electronic or postal mail at times when a decision should not wait until the next
regularly scheduled meeting of the Board and if the convening of a special meeting of the
Board is not practicable. Attendance at a minimum of three of the four regular meetings in
any year will be expected of all Directors and Officers. Any member of the Society may
attend any Board meeting.

The Annual Meeting of the membership, at which Officers and Directors are elected and
other society business is conducted, will occur each June. In addition,Special
Meetings of the membership may be called by the President, with notice to all members,
from time to time as necessary for the conduct of society business. A quorum at such
meetings shall be twenty members
Program Meetings of the Society will be held throughout the year, typically monthly, to
present programs of cultural and historical interest for the membership and general public.

Article VI - Review and Amendment:
These Bylaws shall be reviewed annually by aBylaws Committee appointed by the
President and may be amended by a majority vote of the members present and voting at
the Annual Meeting or any Special Meeting called by the President.

Edited by KLB – April 19, 2018


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